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PILATES - The amazing healing mind body workout created by Joseph Pilates. Skybody pilates is a mat based core workout that tones & streamlines the body.

Preserve back health & reduce back pain by strengthening the deep core muscles improving posture & flexibility whilst calming the mind.

We run Gentle Pilates, mixed ability & Flow (advanced) classes. You'll leave feeling taller, stretched out & calm.

YOGA - Our modern approach to this amazing mindful practise stretches & strengthens the entire body reducing stress & calming the mind. 

We offer Beginner, Slow & mixed level Yoga classes all with relaxation & breathing or meditation practise. 

CORE YOGA - taught by us both Core Yoga fuses our love for flow yoga & pilates to give an all over yoga body workout that stretches & strengthens every muscle with emphasis on core strengthening. Relaxation & meditation completes this end of week class. 


Sculpt - To an upbeat playlist this fun fusion workout of low impact Cardio exercises & Pilates core work with use of resistance bands provides a fat burning workout that Sculpts & streamlines the entire body.

Outside HIIT - Outside High Intensity interval training provides a whole body Fat burning workout: Cardio, Strength & endurance work using body weight & resistance bands.

This fun exhilarating park & beach based session gives amazing fat loss results is popular with runners & those that love being Outside!

Low impact options offered throughout.


Want to feel fitter, healthier, better but unsure where to start?

Our Yoga, Pilates, Sculpt & Hiit classes offer something for Everybody

A relaxed atmosphere with awesome class friends means these workouts not only get results but they're Fun!


Stephanie Konrad Yoga Body

Yoga & Pilates classes in Bognor Regis

We love teaching the amazing mind body benefits of Pilates & Yoga so we've also fused aspects of Pilates & Yoga into more lively fitness classes like Sculpt & Outside Hiit so no need to choose between Cardio or Pilates/Yoga Sculpt & Hiit provide both.

From beginner/gentle Pilates & Yoga classes through to advanced

Also available for Private home based, corporate & outside sessions

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We're fully qualified personal trainers, Pilates & Yoga teachers with over a decade of experience helping clients feel good.

We run classes & private sessions in Bognor Regis, West Sussex

Are you bored of working out alone find the gym isn't  for you?

Want to feel fitter, feel & see the results of your workout efforts? Our fun classes have options to suit Everybody.

You'll never be lost in the crowd we're there to motivate & help you throughout your workouts. 

We love teaching Pilates & Yoga & introducing these Amazing mindful workouts to our clients.

We've made it our mission to encourage everybody to view they're workouts as an hour of You time.

Pilates & Yoga help keep you  fit & injury free whilst seeing amazing body shaping results. 

Far More than just a workout Skybody Pilates and Yoga help reduce stress & calm the mind positively enhancing our clients lives on & off the mat.

We teach with a passionate and thorough approach set to chilled playlists, or outside at the beach.

 Our friendly groups create a fun laid back atmopshere making Skybody classes a workout to look forward to, a treat for body & mind. 

Consistency with our classes & sessions give amazing mind body results. 

 Call or text to enquire  07887424060

Email: skybodyclasses@gmail.com



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