"My friend wanted to try YOGA & dragged me along for moral support. Being 46 with high blood pressure & weighing nearly 18 stone I could barely reach my toes. The class was really supportive & friendly. Konrad was very encouraging & put up with my complaining & whinging! 

8 months later we love YOGA! my blood pressure is now Normal & I've Lost 3 Stones, lowering my risk of Heart disease.

I can reach my toes, feel a lot less stressed & sleep better. I'll freely admit to being a sloth! I don't like exercise, but Konrad's Yoga class is perfect if your out of shape or want an intro to YOGA. It's different every week so never monotonous & BTW I've twigged my friend didn't need me for moral support!" Anita 

"Best classes I've ever been too, teachers are so friendly & encouraging. You are always made to feel welcome & the results are amazing! Recommend to anyone! Always look forward to it!" Natalie

"Highly recommend PILATES classes with Steph. She gives plenty of options for all shapes, sizes & fitness abilities. Steph is encouraging, supportive & gives you personal advice re any injuries or pains/tightness you may have" Kate

"I started weekly Gentle Pilates & after only 2 weeks I noticed a massive improvement in my back pain/twinges (caused by slipped discs). 4 months later I rarely get Any pain, can touch my toes, feel more Toned & Flexible! I've advanced to mixed ability PILATES me & hubby even started OUTSIDE HIIT class! I can't recommend Steph & Skybody enough, I actually enjoy exercise now- something I've never experienced before" Lucie

"Iv'e really noticed the great affects YOGA has on my life- no more tension headaches, more peace & calm in my usually stressed out body! I look forward to it every week, incredible teachers I can't recommend them highly enough!" Sarah 

"Konrad & Steph make sure every class is friendly, always motivating & pushing you with options for evall abilities. There is such a feel good factor at the end of every class. I have found something I really Love doing. I do SCULPT, YOGA, PILATES & CORE YOGA. If like me & been thinking of tryingYOGA or PILATES tae that first step & DO IT! you won't look back I Promise" Liddy 

Maintain an open mind, look into your heart and don't give up on yourself

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